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2013 models are now available! Redesigned with many upgrades, which include a sealed light source, improved battery canister, higher quality aluminum case machining, glass lens filters and a new infinite angle adjustment design on the Xplorer Headlamp, along with improved headband straps.

The 5 watt Adventure Series patented focusing flashlights offer quality and unheard of performance at an unbelievable low price. The Adventure Series is available in two sizes with different power source options. These handheld and headlamp flash lights are capable of illuminating an object over 200 yards, producing a whopping 12,000+ candelas, or can be used close up for broad illumination and every application in between. All in a well designed, lightweight, compact, handheld flashlight.

The new compact Predator Series handheld flash lights offer all the upgrades of the Adventure Series lights with the advantage of a pure colored light source.

We are not using filters to produce the dedicated red and green predator lights, which extends the light range way beyond a white light with a colored filter.

The Scorcher SS-2 is a new addition to the Noxx family, providing a super bright unit in a small pocket light that also features the patented sliding head that can still be focused out to beyond 100 yards, with accessories that include a rubber tooth guard and a clip.

Another huge advantage to the Noxx Adventure Series and Predator Series lights is that you can use high quality common batteries that can be found in your local store. No need to search for or buy expensive CR123 batteries. Sound too good to be true? Don’t take our word for it, Noxx has had this flashlight certified, in accordance with ANSI/NEMA/FL-1 Flashlight Basic Performance Standards. Many flash light companies will attach giant, uncertified numbers to their products to generate sales. Do not be fooled by flashlights with large lumen ratings. Noxx flashlights are capable of throwing light down range much farther than competitors lights that are much larger. These Noxx flashlights will outperform other flashlights that cost three times as much. Noxx Outdoors will strive to produce new, innovative products at an affordable price for our customers. Our goal is to surpass all of your expectations.